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About Course

An Online Acting Class with Ireti Doyle.

I can’t teach you how to act, I doubt very much if anyone can be taught how to. You either can, or you can’t. What I can do, is give you insight into the inner workings of an actor’s life and share some of my techniques

Course Content

Module 1
There will come a time in your career (hopefully) when you will be "table cast", which simply means that as far as producers are concerned you have become some sort of "go to" person for specific roles or you are only ever invited for private readings.

  • Conquering the Audition Room

Module 2
Congratulations!!! You've sacled through the 1st auditions, 2nd and 3rd call-backs and you're in... You got your first role!!! It's time to celebrate: right? Wrong. Now is the time to hunker down and do the work.

Module 3
Characterization in this context is simply the creation or construction of a fictional character. There are 5 elements of characterization or 5 elements to building a character. The acronym PAIRS will help you remember.

Module 4
Voice modulation is the art of controlling or adjusting your voice. In the normal course of a conversation, there is a natural ebb and flow to the cadence of speech, a rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds and words and dialogue. Same thing applies when acting.